Friday, September 21, 2012

Be Inspired

Most every athlete I know if not all has a someone or something that inspires them. If not why else would you grind through workouts, games, meets, etc. I know my love for the sport is fostered by inspiration. Olympics are definitely one of the big ones, mantras and quotes. I even taped a 4'x 4' section of a wall in my apt to paint a blackboard to keep myself inspired (go big or go home?)

Start of project blackboard inspiration
Final product

Then there are your idols, mine growing up were Jackie Joyner Kersee and Flo Jo, and as I came into high school Steve Prefontaine. My list of athletes that inspire me grows as I become more immersed in my sport. They don't just include the tip top of the track chain gold medalists, they now include athletes that go beyond their performances on the rubber oval to what they give back to the running community. Lauren Fleshman has stood out as one of the front runners (no pun intended) of inspiration in this new age. Though I've never met her and only follow through track news, twitter and get picky bars from one of her entrepreneurial endeavors, she exudes a level of connectability that goes beyond her athletic ability (which is stellar by the way). This so much that if I coached a group of girls or had a daughter I'd make sure they knew of her. There are definitely boundless amounts of amazingly captivating athletes that I follow through their careers, hoping one day I may be standing next to them calling them my competitors or teammates, or at the very least an inspiration.
What inspires you?

Friday, September 14, 2012

Knowing better

What happens when you're notoriously late and think that a  half bitten warmup before you do some starting block work is sufficient?? Then continue to muster through the prescribed workout with the sharp nagging pain?? You end up on on the couch for an undetermined amount time. Yep totally knew better than to try to do fast stuff not properly warmed up and absolutely knew better than to " run through" the pain. So now for my ignorance I sit with an ice pack strapped and funky colored tape stuck to my thigh and am confined to a 5 by 15m 4 foot deep area filled with highly chlorinated H2O with everything I do going in slow motion. Oh the lap of luxury injury

Saturday, September 8, 2012

It's raining men

Torrential down pours for a lovely Saturday morning hill workout.