About Me

Who am I? My name is Deanna. I currently reside in NYC and run for Central Park Track Club. I'm a crazy runner that is a bit addicted to running. I started running 20 something years ago. I played a multitude of sports before that time and a little bit after, but finally settled that track/running was meant for me. When I first started running I was a "distance" runner, ran cross country and on the track I was a miler. I so badly wanted to be a sprinter but was cut down saying I wasn't built to run sprints, so I compromised with the mile. I hated it. I ran a brief stint in college then quit for 7 years. After that hiatus I lived in Boston and joined up with Greater Boston Track Club getting my chance to immerse myself in my passion to sprint. A few years later I stumbled upon hurdles and the love affair with them was history. I may not be top tier but I continue to strive to get there hoping for that one break where it all clicks.

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