Sunday, December 7, 2008

Only in Horse shoes and hand grenades

Almost. I almost made this decision, I almost did this or that, I almost got it, I almost... You hear that word so often and possibly say it on a regular basis. The dictionary defines it as not quite; slightly short of, nearly.

Yesterday was the first meet of the indoor season. I decided to run one of the random distances that is only offered at a couple of the meets, 1000 meters. I don't particularly like this race but it's good to mix it up with and odd distance here and there. I seeded myself so that I was in a middle of the road heat, wasn't quite sure where I was racing wise but I was confident enough that I knew I could hit somewhere near my seed time. Threw the iPod on my pre-race mix warmed up, and hoped it would all click. Click it did. I surprisingly ran relaxed and in control. My 200 splits were not all over the place like the last couple of 1000's I ran last indoor...they were pretty even minus getting only slightly lost in the middle and coming back for the last lap like a bat out of hell. I don't think the 2 girls ahead of me knew what hit them as I whizzed passed them in the last 100 meters to win that heat. And of course I can't forget that almost moment...I ALMOST hit a pb, but missed it by .41-less than a half a second, wow how's that for an opening season race.

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