Saturday, April 11, 2009

Come rain or shine

Bring on the hurdles, the time has come to step up and move to going over the intermediates. The IH's are far and few between for races so the more I chances I can get to race the more aped I will be come July. They have also changed the qualifying window for club nationals so my time from last year's nationals now won't carry over. We're required to hit the standard during the 09 season only- indoor or outdoor- but there's not intermeds in indoor so the sooner I get it out of the way the better. I thought that this would be the perfect meet to do so. Perfect it would be if the weather would just cooperate. Getting to the track it wasn't so bad but right after I finished the warm up and started to do drills the drizzle started, then the drizzle turned steady, then the temperatures started to drop. And it boy really sucked. My hands started to go numb, I even had to run in my tights it was so cold. In the end it didn't turn out so bad. I was able to go over all but 2 hurdles very smoothly and time wise I was able to hit the qualifying time. Now no worries come closer to the end of the season. It did however take a while before I got the feeling back in my hands. Guess you can't win them all.

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