Saturday, May 23, 2009

Twilight Zone

Today's meet is the first meet I've raced in almost a month. It's been a quiet time since all the colleges are finished up, the meets start to dwindle down around this time. There's a few select low key races series like this one hosted by New Balance, another post collegiate team. Though mainly geared towards middle distance runners the main/only races are the 800, 1500, and 5000, but they do feature one sprint race in the mix either a 400 or 200, in the series of 3 meets. Today I got to dabble my finesse in the 400. Since indoors ended I have switched my training group from the 800m to the 400m group. I haven't trained with this group since 07 when I first joined GBTC. Determined to battle back out the 8, I think I switched over to that group too suddenly, possibly causing me my "turmoil" in not reaching my goal times. So with this I have decided to work on pulling together my quarter speed which will hopefully enhance both the hurdles as well as the half. My main focus is the hurdles but since there a few meets that host intermediates I have to divert the focus to open races.

My training's been going really well and I was ready to see it come out in a race. Since I had run a 62 in indoor on no real speed work, I was confident that I could run faster with the change in training. Somewhere something's gone wrong. I got out nicely then at the 200 meter mark I just lost it. I'm simply baffled by this, and cannot understand, nothing translates. I'm starting to question whether I'm cut out to be a runner. I've put so much time and effort into my training that it's hard to not see any kind of progress. Very heartbreaking. This hit me hard.

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