Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Step 1

Not many things happen overnight, training/running definitely does not. I have learned that all to much in my return to running after my 7 year hiatus. Though it's been almost 4 years now, I'm still overcoming a setbacks here and there. It's inevitable. I do get frustrated but I am however slightly more patient than I was in the beginning.
In my once again return this year hoping to try to salvage this outdoor season, I have had to make some adjustments in everything. Let's preface this with I despise running for long periods of time, though I LOVE to run I am not one of those runners who can run for miles on end. Hence why I'm a mid sprinter (my coined term for a cross of a long sprinter and a short mid-distance runner). But for the lack thereof track facilities, I've had to alter my training to the "streets". Without good track workouts I have had to convert myself to be a mid-distance runner on the longer end, concentrating my energy to the steeplechase. It is not my first  choice but I want to run and the sacrifice is worth it.
I've started building my mileage and modifying my track workouts off the track, with an occasional presence at an actual track trying to dodge children, inattentive adults, and soccer balls. I entered myself in a local low key meet to gauge my starting point with a 1500 meter race (one of my least favorite distances). I pulled a decent time all things considered but I still have a lot to work on in the next couple of weeks. The goal is to qualify for Club Nationals in July. Hopefully I can pull it together before then.

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