Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Dreams don't work unless you do

A lack of entries is haunting my training log yet again. And again it has nothing to do with me forgetting to record my workouts, nope it's me not being consistent in my training AGAIN. I can come up with all the excuses in the book but in the end when I'm frustrated with my races, those excuses aren't going to console the disappointment. I needed something to jump kick me back into reality.
 I copied the post title from a believe I am poster, when I saw it it lead to some serious motivation to add to my inspirational blackboard . The saying really resonated with me and the blank spots that were accumulating in my log/book, and that was the catalyst to my new weekly goals in addition to season goals. As a personal trainer I understand the need for smaller goals inside of the bigger goals for clients, it helps keep the moral up to reaching the big one (Often times I forget to apply what I preach to others to myself).
I decided to start by taking just a few simple goals and chalk them up on the blackboard every week for "weekly goals". Getting a preseason race in was one that needed to be on that 1st weekly lineup (after all 2 of my preseason goals were race time goals).  Then of course consistent running/workout days were absolutely necessary. I figure if it's in my face I'm less likely to slack. I mean the blackboard is hard to miss at 4' x 4' and one of my most satisfying things to do besides killing a monstrous workout is checking things off on a "to do" list. Then of course to keep myself honest I would share it here and in the social media world. With 500+ "friends", 100 something followers, one of them my coach, many my teammates, someone should be bound to call me out if I slide, and yes please don't hesitate to call me out. Also if you have any ideas for rewards/punishments (I use the word punishment incredibly loosely) for for completing/not completing goals, I'd really like to hear them.

The start of week 1

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