Monday, May 12, 2008

Lab Rat

If someone offered to pay you $150 to hook you up to an ultrasound, sonogram, breathing apparatuses and and nerve stimulator while doing breathing exercises then study the data they collected, would you do it? If it required 2 trips, the first a 2 hour preliminary screening, the second a 4-5 hour testing, would you still do it? What if you could not exercise for 48 hours, drink caffeine for 24 hours, and fast for 12 hours before the testing? Would that deter you? Well none of the above faltered me away, I did it, though not without first cringing and flinching at the whole no exercise, caffeine and fasting part. I still can't decide which was the hardest to do.
I figured why not. There were no intrinsic side effects, I wasn't going to miss out an too much work, they were going to pay me, it hopefully will help someone and maybe by some chance later in my life I may benefit from this research.

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