Sunday, June 15, 2008

There's no place like...

KANSAS!! Dorothy has clicked her spikes 3 times and is on her way to Club Nationals! I got my break in the 400 hurdles today, I hit the qualifying standard with a few seconds to spare. Though I won't pretend that it was a pretty sight, I still need some work with my form, but for what it's worth it was my debut race and I haven't had as much time working with the hurdles as I should have under my belt, I'll take it. I have 4 weeks to pelter out form and rack up some speed. In the line up for the meet today I also threw in the 800 for good measure. It wasn't disasterous, obviously needs work (as much of my racing does), but my time is going in the right direction...down, I'll take that one too. Then I topped off the absurd double with a leg in the 4x4. Hey we can't win then all, but not totally a bust.

The highlight of my day besides my hurdle time was my family came down to watch and cheer me on, even though today was Father's Day and they could have been doing other things with my Dad. It's a blessing to me that they finally are much more supportive with my running than in the past and take the effort to come to meets when possible. Might have to be with the baby sis who's following in her big sister's footsteps or that they realize that it's my passion and want to support it. Whatever the cicumstance may be, I'll take it.

What a fabulous day. Got to believe that anything's possible if you set your mind to it!
My lil 100m hurdler


Anonymous said...

We had a great time watching you race, as we have been over the past couple of years. We are supportive with your running. Your baby sis is following in your footsteps. You are her idol & rold model. We will support you in your running as best we can because we admire your yearning for running. Good Luck in Kansas. You will be in our prayers & we hope the best for you. You are a great runner.
We love you & keep up the good work.
Nice pic of you & your sister.
Take Care
Love Mom

Laura said...

Congratulations. We are so excited for you.