Friday, June 27, 2008

Things we do to hurdle

This is dedicated to my fellow IH buddy Jess. On the way to New Englands, as I proceed to get lost in the burbs, we started blurting out the things that we do just to hurdle. Oh the madness and I know that there are many more we haven't come across yet!
  1. Take an hour to drive to a meet that's only 20min away
  2. Drive for 2.5hrs one way then a couple hours later drive back 2.5 hrs
  3. Do a half bitten power 15min warmup before a race
  4. Endure absurd temperatures
  5. Wait inbetween monsoons to go for a run
  6. Run in those monsoons when they just won't break
  7. Take the entire side of a knee off
  8. Lie and say that you're still in college and maintaining yourself while "on break" all the while practicing on a track your not supposed to be on
  9. Dip into the cash reserve to buy plane tickets
  10. Wake up early on a morning you could be sleeping in
  11. Find obscure objects like barricades and hurdle them (even moving ones)
  12. Watch the sky get really dark and light up then continue to do the workout
  13. Get excited when you find out that jumping in the air if lighting's about to stike you could save your life
  14. Bruise toes, feet, legs to no end
  15. Miss out on parties during holidays
  16. Get lost in the wrong part of town (aka the ghetto)

To be continued....

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