Sunday, October 12, 2008

Along for the hills

Can I offer you a hill, more hills, or how about a large hill with many more hills. Ah yes that would be this past week in a nutshell. It started with Tuesday when Jess and I decided to do continuous Summit Hills since our annual meeting was later on that night and there wasn't going to be practice. Well little did we know that continuous hills are excruciating and that we'd be doing a hill workout on Thursday. I got through both workouts without too much of a hitch. Amongst my many plans on ramping up the training is adding a third day to the mix. It just so happened that there was a cross country race going on for today so I figured that since my team needed a couple of girls to score for the grand prix that it would be a perfect training run for me. I also haven't raced this pre-season except for the mistake 5 miler earlier in Sept. Why not, a little through the woods action, change up the terrain, 3.1 miles, fairly easy. That's right I forgot to mention the HILLS! Not just 1, many, I stopped counting after 2. I wasn't expecting to throw a 3rd day of running up inclines into the mix, but like the other days I got through it and didn't finish with too shabby of a time (It was a cross country PR with GBTC). Now that that's all over with I think that I will stay as far away for hills for at least a week, hopefully longer.

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Laura said...

Hi. Emma asked about you a couple days ago when we were leaving our gym. When are you coming to visit? Also, do you know Emily Raymond? I think she runs on the GBTC cross country team.