Sunday, October 19, 2008

Will do a half-marathon for...

The sheer joy and pleasure-ummm no that's definitely not it. Yep I'll break down and admit it I'll only do it for the swag. Last year I accidentally entered myself in the Nike Women's Half Marathon out in San Francisco. When I say accidentally, I mean that I entered myself purposely but it was a random drawing and didn't think that I'd be picked. Joke was on me I was picked, so I set out last October to do this thing. What enticed me into even thinking about entering was that every finisher received a custom designed Tiffany's necklace. I was sold, what girl doesn't like the sight of that little blue box even if she's not a huge fan of the designer. Though it started off only doing it for the glitz, the end result was for a very worthy cause that meant something to me- The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. After I was through with that I swore that I would never run another 1/2 again for a very long time. Oops so I was swayed by swag again this year, though this time around I wasn't going out to Cali to run this one and it was a key chain (still designed by Tiffany's) instead of a necklace but the proceeds went to the same charity. It was the same Nike Women's Half Marathon except it was virtual through the Nike + system (a glorified high tech pedometer) letting you run wherever you happen to be and enabling you to not have to run it in one fail swoop. As long as I clocked in 13.1 miles in the day I was set as a "finisher". Which is exactly what I did 5.1 miles in the morning and a blistering cold long 8 miles at night. Pretty cool but pretty crazy. I did it though and now that's it's all over I promise myself that I will try not to be swayed by glittery objects to do obscene amounts of unnecessary mileage next year. Key word here is try.

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