Saturday, January 3, 2009

To double or to not double

Photo by GreaterSnap

Sometimes we do things that we really aren't all that too excited to do, but we do them because they are "good" for us. One of those many things is racing races I really don't have a fond liking to or racing a double that just seems way out in third base. Today's meet was no exception to that. While chatting with my coach at practice Tuesday what I should race for the last of the mini meets, I had asked him whether I should race either the 800 or the mile then possibly a workout afterwards. He promptly replied yeah I think a mile, 800 double would be good workout. Okay I'm certain I clearly said or in the statement but he was adamant that I should take on both. I kind of sulked and reluctantly caved, deciding to race both. It's not that I question that he doesn't know what he's doing, because he definitely knows his stuff, I wouldn't ask him if I thought otherwise. I more so question myself and if I'm able to really do it. A bit of self doubt creeping in. After all the woe is me self-pity, I can't believe I'm doing this insane double I ended up racing 2 really good races. I pr'd in the mile (5:26--YAY!) and ran even splits with my ever so favorite kick to boot. Felt amazing. Then came back and raced a not so shabby 800 almost breaking that 2:25 line, where I've been stuck for the past year. Though I was deceived at first since hand timed by my coach he had me in at 2:24.9, but the actual results had me at 2:25.14, so I originally thought I had a double pr. Oh well. I was just floored that I could turn out both races without blowing either one or the other. We got workouts and races turning over which makes me super stoked and more faithful that 2009 is going to be a good one.

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