Sunday, January 25, 2009

What a difference a year can make

DMR team goofing off
It's now been a year since I started my blog, rolling back with the Terrier Invitational. It all started on a whim that more or less was a place for me vent out my frustrations, not thinking that I'd actually keep up with it. Then it turned into a way to keep family and out town friends or anyone else who chose to read up to date on that thing I call running. Now it's evolved to much more, for myself that is, for all the readers it's still the same. It's been a remarkable way to keep myself upbeat about how my performances have panned out and in turn I think changed the way I perform. My first couple of entries are pretty harsh, we are our own worst critics. I believe that there always needs to be a dose of hard reality, can't always be sugar plums and fairy tales, but it doesn't necessarily have to be so nasty and I've learned that along the way as I read back on earlier posts. I plan to continue this diary of a mad woman who runs lot and I hope anyone that reads it possibly gets a laugh, becomes inspired, relates to a story, or maybe just wants to know a chapter in my life that genuinely makes me me and happy (along with a couple of random entries that have nothing to do with running at all since my life is not completely consumed by running despite my slight obsession with it).

Coming full circle with the meet that left much disappointment a year ago, I'd never know I'd be where I am now. Actually I take that back because I knew I'd get there, it was the waiting out and not knowing when part that was most frustrating. Having already raced less than 5 days before, GBTC's Invite was Sun and open events for women at Terrier were on Friday, it was going to be interesting how things unfolded. I had a great race on Sunday so either my body would not be too happy about the shortened recovery time or it wouldn't care too much-it's a very fine line. After deliberation with my coach we settled on the 1000m then an 800 leg on the DMR on Sat. Usually I seed myself but because I was unsure of my event strategy I just sent Dave an email with my thoughts and he agreed then seeded me himself. When the reply email came back it had the seed time he entered me in, and my chin hit the floor. He had me entered in at 3:00, which isn't crazy fast but for me that was a bit over zealous since at the opening meet of the season I ran a 3:12. I am definitely racing much better than that but 12 sec is a lot for a quasi short race. Literally for the days leading up to the meet I played every possible combo of splits that I'd need to hit to achieve this. It's possible that this could have been detrimental to my psyche but I continued with the nervous twitter up until I stepped up to the line. As soon as the gun went off it all just dissipated and I just ran. I started off great but about the 600 mark I felt my body tense up, then loose it's ability to gauge where exactly I was going with my race. At 200 meters to go I gave in picked up my legs thought to myself it's only 200 meters and just heaved forward knowing it would be over soon. I crossed the finish line, looked up at the score board and saw my finishing time. 3:04.50. Wow I really almost did it! Dave wasn't so far off base. I took off 8 secs from a race only 2 months ago, as well as 8 sec from this exact meet a year ago. I'm not at all disappointed, oh no totally absolutely giddy, but I can't say that I ran smarter because the races were very similar in execution the difference is I ran faster, a plus, it's a good thing that the 1000 is not my race. Like I mentioned in the interlude I do have to look at the reality of it.
The hardest part was over, but I still had Sat morning to contest with. I made sure that I did everything possible so that my body would be recovered for the relay-a cooldown, stretching, chocolate milk for protein to feed the muscles, plenty of water, a good balanced dinner, a couple Ibuprofen for preventative swelling since I wouldn't be able to get an ice bath in adequate time, and a night's rest. I woke up with all seeming well, moseyed on down to track to tackle the 800 leg of the DMR. I must have done something right because I managed to run a pretty decent leg. Big leaps from last year.
Flotrack was at the meet again

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