Sunday, February 22, 2009

And cut

Today marked the last indoor meet of the season. A bittersweet goodbye-happy to be done with the indoor track which wrecks havoc on my legs, hips, back but somewhat sad that I could get just one more race in to prove that I've got it there. In the middle of the season I was excited that I actually might have the chance to be an 800 leg of the DMR at Indoor Nationals, though as the season unfolded to now it was evident that I'd have to really prove myself. I came into the meet today hoping that it would all fall into place with the 800. The reality is, it did not. I was a bit disappointed but it made me realize that not everything comes right away. I've had a phenomenal training season which I thought would translate into perfect races. I think that my biggest mistake was that I aimed too far ahead, though I will give myself a pat on the back for not beating myself up after not hitting "that time". Sometimes for me it's all about the numbers and if I can learn to let those numbers/times not get to my head, I think that I'll be just fine. Live and learn or rather run and learn. On a bright note for today's meet I ran a leg in the 4x400 and hit my best 400 time in 62.6. Makes me optimistic that just maybe I can break 60 in outdoors as well as 70 in the intermediates. Looking forward to getting out!

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