Sunday, March 15, 2009

Luck be a lady

The annual St Patrick's Day 5K road race, one of my few favorite road races. It falls nicely in my training schedule where it won't hurt me, and is a bit helpful. I'm also partial to it because I seem to shave time off every year, so that doesn't hurt the ego at all.

Mid-March in Boston can bring a myriad of temperatures-it can either be freezing, snowing, a combo of freezing and snowing, it can be mild, warm, sunny-there is no constant from year to year. This year it was perfect, sunny and mid to high 50's. I lined up with 2 other of my teammates decked out in my green shamrock boxer shorts, team singlet (which I'm on a mission to find a green or white one and screen print it so I don't look like a xmas ornament or an Italian flag) and the finishing touch of knee high shamrock socks. Since it's a fun run may as well have fun! I'm beginning to see big improvements on my 5Ks in the past year or so. First and foremost in the finishing times but also in my race tactics. I'm running smarter and more efficiently rather than so haphazardly. I managed to pop out a fairly even split race, made sure I unleashed the monstrous kick, finished in a PR of 19:53 and 4th overall female. It's nice to know that even though I'm not in the realm of fast in the distance I still kick some butt on the local level. I picked up the first South Boston female resident for the 3rd year in a row, which this year they threw in a free pair of kicks with the medal. Gotta love free sneakers, especially when you go through them like water.☺

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