Thursday, January 14, 2010

The truth hurts

I'm on and off as to whether I want to open my blog to my personal training log. I have my tried and true favorite method the pen to journal and I have dabbled in a couple of online sites (most cater to a distance runner so I'm not entirely impressed with any one in particular), to keep track of what I do. But as I spin around the track and float aimlessly up and down the East River with a few splotches in Central Park, then come home to pull out my little green notebook, only to see empty entries for dates, I know something isn't right. This of course not because I forgot to record something down, no it's because I didn't do anything. Shocking I know! In the absence of training partners and unfamiliar territory, I've found myself *gasp* making excuses to not run. It's too late, I'm tired, the track is getting ready to close or is closed, et cetera, et cetera, none of which are even remotely valid. I don't have a job there's no excuse when you have a good chunk of the day to get something, anything in, I mean I used to go for runs after work which at times would be around midnight. For someone who basically eats, sleeps, and lives for running, why would I be making efforts to not do what I do. In Boston I had people to "check up" on me in a sense. On the track my coach was there and as were my training partners, I didn't do something or were slacking they knew. I had someone scheduling hurdle workouts, making sure I was practicing correct form. If my mileage was being kept up you could tell in workouts. Outside of the track I had my hurdle buddy who'd perfectly rope me into getting random time workouts done. Even at work both at the gym and the bar I always had someone asking how my training was going. I'm pretty sure that most people didn't care but in my need of the spotlight mind someone was always watching. In NY I don't really have anyone to answer to and no one even asks. I have my coach sending me the twice weekly workouts, and I in turn send him my training times but in the end it's not the same. I knew that this was going to be a tough transition, but it's a little tougher than I thought. So the decision is I can hide behind the deception in the privacy of the little green book where only I know what's really going on or I can force myself into the open and let everyone see the truth, no matter how ridiculous it may be.

I think that I just might make that leap and put myself on display (scary!).

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HPC said...

Have you tried athleticore? A bunch of us use it - it works even for mid-distance/sprint workouts!