Sunday, January 24, 2010

You get what you give

Even though I've been pretty sporadic lately with my training I thought that I was ready to pick up myself and take the very opportune opportunity to go to Boston, visit with teammates and race GBTC Invitational. The key word I use is 'thought', sadly I needed to remember that my training is timing and time, they translate pretty congruently with races. Somewhere in my mind I had high hopes going in to debut myself in the 55 high hurdles, race the 800 and finishing off with a lovely relay leg. The hurdles were more or less an experiment. I had been hitting the hurdle height while in practice so I decided why not try it. It wasn't exactly what I hoped for or even close. One of those things that I did it, I can say I did it, and hope anyone that witnessed it forgets that I did it. At least if I decide to dabble again I should hit a PB. Then comes the 800. I have such a love, hate relationship with this distance. This instance turns out to be a hate, but it can't be faulted because my training time pretty much are in line with what I ran. On to the next. Lastly I we have one of my favorite races in indoors, the 4x200. 200 meters is bliss zipping and zooming just once around feels like a million bucks. It's a never fail that I can always pull a decent 200 time no matter where I am with my training; when it's good, it's great, when it's ok, it's good and when it's bad, it's ok.
In the end I can't be mad at my performances because if you don't put in much effort the end product isn't going to be that great, something that applies to all aspects of life. Live and learn.

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