Sunday, July 4, 2010

For love of running

Oh the crazy things I do to run and hurdle, the list is endless. Let's roll call of some recent insanity.
  • Leave on a full bus at 2:30am from NY, only to get stuck wedged into the corner by a very large woman who every time I moved to prevent any body contact would move into that freed space. No sleep.
  • Get into Boston at 6:20am. No one in Boston is awake to bother. Need sleep, curl up on a bench in South Station for an hour and half or so.
  • Start getting strange looks by security guards thinking that I'm homeless and loitering so go to MIT track where meet starts at 12:30, it's 9:25. Curl up under a tree at track, for another catnap.
  • Decided that it's a brilliant idea to run the 1500 for a hopeful qualify, then directly after finish, run 400 hurdles.
  • Miserably miss the qualify in the 1500. Love the inconsistency with races this season. Rally and miss mark for hurdles by 8 tenths of second. One measly stride or in my case a studder step at hurdles 6 & 7.
  • Get completely fired up trying to find a way to get to the middle of nowhere NY for a meet the following week because I KNOW I can absolutely hit hurdle time.
  • Head back to NY a couple hours later.
Break to the next week, it continues on
  • Desperately search for a car or some way to get to Valatie, NY.
  • Beg, plead, and grovel. No luck, no rentals (4th of July weekend is completely booked), no buses or trains to po-dunk town. Crap.
  • Finally a great friend with Zip Car comes through. BIG problem place is 60 miles over daily limit of car...Beaucoup bucks!! Oh yeah and all the cheap cars taken...more $$
  • Lots of dollar signs flying all over the place for one lap, 10 hurdles, and 75 seconds
  • July 3rd rolls around and now we've got a rush to beat the clock to get to track. Spend 3 hours in car right before racing + 95* heat & humidity + no shade + nerves + pressure = not so good of a race & lots of money down the drain
  • Bummed but still going to CA to relay it up

Story of my life...

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