Thursday, July 28, 2011

A girl can dream

While most women my age are dreaming of the perfect house, husband, family, vacation, or maybe even the perfect outfit and shoes for some big extravaganza. I've been known on occasion to dream of those things, but mostly I'm sitting here dreaming of running fast and how I can run faster...364 days until the start of the 2012 London Summer Olympics. It may be a pike dream but I'm willing to do what I need to at least try.

And just for the purposes of countdowns: 9 days until I can hit the weights/crosstraining and appx 17-23 days until running workouts grace themselves in my life again. Can you tell the withdrawls are getting to me?? So eager to get my body moving but to no avail rest is needed.

1 comment:

mithu said...

Did I ever tell you how much I love your blog?? It's joyful, hopeful and determined with a dose of humour. Keep those competitive running dreams alive and keep blogging!