Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Singing a New Tune

I know, I know I've been slacking in my blog world. For starters not too much has actually been happening so it's kind of hard to pull together something enlightening, and though I do have a few post dated posts that still need to be finished well, they weren't all that inspiring to me so I've been pushing them to the side. It's funny it seems so easy to go on and on about the good and the great, but when I've been stuck in my off/comeback/base phase these past few years it's so much harder to report back about them. Don't get me wrong I do take something from both the good and the bad, it's far more easier to type up a happy-go-lucky post versus a woe-is-me post. Though it's not a new year it is the beginning of a new season for me so I'm going to make a new season resolution : No matter how boring it may be I'm going to post at least once a week, even if it means just fiddling an inspiring quote or photo.

First though I suppose I should catch you all up to speed.
May: I start a new "career" path. I passed the ACSM Certified Personal Trainer exam, I signed at New York Sports Club to be a personal trainer. Coincidentally my boss is also one of my coaches. Though it's the middle of the season he starts me lifting. We're outdoors training, my work load at the track is heavy hurdles.
June: Still lifting, still lots of hurdles, proper technique is still just ok. Seeing small improvements in hurdle races, but also reverts in the open events
July: Club Nationals roll around I PR=awesome, but know that I didn't race with all I had. Left me wanting more. Season ends I take a break to rewire and reload.

 August: Birthday rolls around I turn 30. Was gifted a photo shoot, took some amazing and great fitness shots. Start a horrendous lifting program and cross training (which by the way when you work side by side with your coach it's so much harder to slack). Spend the rest of the month in DOMS, but looking super muscular and feeling uber strong

September: Running phase begins, start a week later due to wedding obligations. Still in the horrendous lifting phase but finishing up near the end of it, DOMS has slowly dissipated. Running economy is surprisingly really good. Feeling strong in workouts, form is looking better than before, though still in need of tweaking.
Now: Switched over to a much nicer lifting program, 10lbs shy of free squatting my own body weight. Running workouts though are battling I still find a way to blaze through them. I have a new sense of renewal and longing to be fast. Looking forward to sharing my joyful and sometimes painful (literally and figuratively)  journey to bettering myself in my sport.

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