Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hello muscles I forget that I ever had

Just when I thought I had gotten over the hump of crazy muscle soreness, I was reminded of the muscles in my hip region aka all the hurdling muscles. I decided it was time to add in an extra day focusing on my hurdle technique. I can't do too much indoor because all I have at my access to train on them are approximately 60 meters of straight away and a sometimes busy track. Though not conducive to 400 hurdles it does help to work on form, something I need to really focus on if I want to get better. The disadvantage of starting hurdles later in life is not learning proper mechanics for hurdling form, it's a little harder to shape those muscles. Not impossible just takes A LOT more work.
One area I've had trouble with the past couple years is learning to switch lead legs. I started off as a left lead leg and I really haven't taken the time to develop the right. In the short hurdles that's fine, but with long hurdles you have to have the ability to switch or you'll waste time stammering to a hurdle that comes upon the "off" leg. Another big area is my trail leg doesn't come as parallel to the hurdle as it should. That's mostly a muscle memory and making sure to keep the hip flexors loose.
I'm thankful that my schedule has allowed me to take an extra day to work on these problem areas and that my coach is free to watch and correct whatever may be off. Even just after one day I feel a little more confident in being able to lead with my right. Now I just need to get over the hump of DOMS in my hips and translate it to outdoors when the time comes.

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