Tuesday, December 27, 2011


My holiday week was spent working due to travel for me being a little bit on the difficult side and the fact that I was on the last stretch to have to find an apartment to live in by Jan 1. I took the opportunity to make some extra cash, since I did need that too. When I originally planned this I thought it was a good idea, it didn't seem so bad on paper. It turned to be a 14 hour day on Christmas Eve to be followed by midnight mass ending at 1:30am to wake up a few short hours and spend 13 hours standing with no break on Christmas Day. Only to be followed the next day with my opening indoor season meet.
As I prepped myself race day, the exhaustion was just stifling. I wanted to call it off and not run. After a long inner conflict with my body and mind, I decided to suck it up and just run, chalk it up to a practice if anything. While I warmed up and did drills I played my race in my head how I'd go through in each 200-33, 34, 35, 35 is what I wanted to pull out. Realistically I could do it, my training says so. Though I knew my head could also possibly get in the way.
I seeded myself in 2:20 with 1 girl ahead. I knew it wasn't a fast meet but I was hoping to not have to lead. As a change up from my usual lead, I decided that I'd shoulder myself with the lead girl for at least the first 2 laps then see what happens from there. Of course that didn't happen. I tried to tuck behind but the pace was too slow so I pulled out and lead for the entirety except the last 20 meters in which I didn't respond to the girl coming down my back. I did manage to go through the 1st 2 laps exactly where I wanted to be 33, then 34 for a 67 through the 400. I fell off per usual in the 3rd lap in a 38 but didn't have anyone there to really push me and came back with a 36 in the last lap for a final 2:21.72. 2nd place and a PR!! A HUGE improvement from my opening meet last year where I opened with a 2:30 something. I knew training was well beyond last year but it was better than it's ever been. I didn't hit my first goal in goal list, circumstances prevailing I knew I could have so I couldn't be too disappointed.
My original plan was to double up with the 200 to make it a good practice and to get my money's worth. After the 8 I was bombed so I teetered back and forth if I'd still race the 2. I still had some time to decide then a wave of energy hit me so I shrugged my shoulders and told myself to just do it. I lined up to seed myself at 30 since I was pretty sure that's all I had in me, with maybe a possibility of a 29. Popped on the track when it was time for my heat, crouched down into down start, and just went. I thought I came through in 29 and change then looked up at the jumbotron and low and behold it was 28.92. Another PR! it was only by 6 one hundredths but still.
I managed a meet that I wasn't 100 percent sure about to a double PR. A great way to start off my season. Only to know there's so much more potential to be harnessed in the next couple months. A great Christmas present.

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