Thursday, July 5, 2012

Blogsphere vacation over

So again I have not been so great  about keeping up with the blog. In between my last post and now so much has transpired that I really just lost every bit of motivation that came along with keeping the writing up, I was excited, stressed, joyed and uninspired all at the same time.
Fast forward three ish months and now I'm ripped and roaring to share my thoughts and adventures that have transpired and are currently going about.
When I last left off I was getting ready to get my outdoor season rolling. I was beyond excited, I was coming off of the high of the best indoor season I had ever had, I thought as long as I stay healthy nothing could stop me from blowing my outdoor season away. While I did stay healthy and injury free that over the top season certainly was not quite the outcome. My opening race didn't happen until the very end of April beginning of May, which was a month later than it was supposed to. This was the start of the frustrations, and almost walking away from the sport. (Since I chose to have my blog public and I have since moved on from the incidents, I will not recant the stories that go with it). Thankfully I was saved from making a rash decision by a few of my super awesome friends and teammates. Unfortunately because of the prior stresses my training fell apart and so did my mental game which translated into mediocre races at best. When I was finally able to get myself grounded I was playing catch up and found myself behind schedule.
En route to Nebraska
Wrapping up this season I have yet to hit any of my goal times I set for myself. I'm sightly down on that but with that I have set all time personal bests in the hurdles & open 400 and outdoor best in the 800 so I can't be too down. So here I am on a plane to Omaha, Nebraska to the last meet, I have one last go to hit my goal time in the hurdles and a chance to hit a PB in the steeple chase (explanation to follow).
The steeplechase story...Originally I had planned on doubling at Club Nats with the 800 and the obviously the 400 hurdles. As I was entering myself in those events I couldn't help but go through the other entries for all the events to see who was there, right below the hurdle entry is the steeple. Curiously there was only 1 entrant at the time, let it go. Then as the week progressed  and the entries were about to close I kept checking my events to see what I'd be up against and of course couldn't help peeking down, now the tally was up to 2 women for SC. Interestingly enough none happen to be team members, so my curiosity peeked and I decided to send an email to the distance coach and infer if we had any girls that would be entering. With that the words that I typed  in addition to to  who's running question would set me up for my crazy ploy, because of course we in fact did not have any girls set up to enter.  After a few exchanges of emails I now was no longer racing the 800 but instead the 3000 m steeplechase AND my intended hurdle race. Mind you I have experience in SC which is the reason why I offered my "services" but I have certainly not been doing any where near the mileage for that race. Yep solidifying my craziness. But hey I was guaranteed to score at least 5 points with 4th place as long as I finished.  Taking one for the team.

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