Monday, July 9, 2012

It's getting hot in here

Being in the mid west for Nationals I expected it to be hot, Kansas was hot, I did not expect it to be as brutal as it was. I especially wasn't ready to run 3000 meters with an excessive amount of barriers (35) in that heat. One would think that since Day 1 started in the early evening that some of that hot mass would dissipate, others would also assume since I'd be running through a water pit it wouldn't so bad. Here's the reality, 101 degrees at 7p not including the heat index, stifling humidity, and not so conditioned mid-distance runner are not a great mix.  The good news the 4th girl dropped out. Sweet deal for me meant unless I didn't finish, which I wasn't going to let that happen, I would get 3rd place, can we say score!  It wasn't pretty, well the 1st lap was, can't say so much for the 6 that followed, but I buried my head down and gritted it out. I finished no where near the other 2 girls as well as no where near my PB, BUT from what I was gathering from the seasoned longer distance runners all of their times were about a minute plus from their usual times, which in turn would have produced a PB in optimum conditions AND I scored my first ever individual medal at Nationals. Not too shabby for this hurdler.
Finding that silver lining was what I had to salvage from the meet because I underestimated how much it would tax me and the next day I completely busted my real race running my slowest time all season. Most definitely my most unproud moment of what was procuring to be the best season(s) yet. I managed to try push that disappointment out so that I could contribute my leg for 4x800, in which we secured the W.

 As a team we swept the women's, men's, and overall titles, and I can say that I lent a hand with the 10.5 pts I scored. Would I do things differently if given the chance, I'd like to say yes but probably not. Instead I'm going to look forward to the next 8 weeks of rest and recovery and to the upcoming next season, making what necessary changes to my training. Until September.
Kiddie pool ice baths at a track meet because it was so hot

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