Monday, August 13, 2012

Oh so you thought...

I had it all planned out, 3-4 weeks of nothing, absolutely nothing, week 5 start my cross training/lifting, week 6 start adding a run or two into cross training, week 8 pre-season begins. Then the daunting email from coach at week 4 that changed it all, practice begins Sunday August 11. Wait what?! That's week 5, 3 weeks before I planned to start practice. Eyi ie eyi!  Can I pretend I didn't see that and show up at the end of August?  I'm not ready to start running at that point especially workouts.
I bit the bullet and showed up on Aug 11 to Van Cortlandt Park, for hills nonetheless. It most certainly wasn't pretty and I won't lie I didn't (couldn't) finish the intended workout but I officially started my 11 months of training. Let the good times roll and the pain begin.

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