Sunday, November 4, 2012


My stormy run
This week started off with a (for lack of better description) bang, New York City and the eastern coast were set to be pummeled by Hurricane Sandy. With the subway shut down, carless, on a tight budget that does not allow cabs, and friends not living close by I was stuck in my house by myself for the duration. I might add I don't sit still very well and LOVE storms. I'm that crazy person that wants to be outside experiencing crazy mother nature, I envy the weather people. I'm weird I know this. I think I make a lot of people worry because of my fascination with awry weather, but I am not completely reckless in thinking I'm invincible from the wrath of MN. Anywho around 1 pm I couldn't take the sitting and waiting so I turned on the tv to check out the prognosis of where and when this hurricane was supposed to hit the NYC area the hardest, it was still 6ish hours away. I couldn't take it so I weather proofed myself laced up the kicks and journeyed out for a run. It was pretty windy, not as wet as I thought. On my journey to crazy land, I learned I was not the only screw loose person out for a run in the madness (this even more solidifies runners are a different breed of people). I stayed on the high line route of the Hudson (see I used my smarts and didn't sneak under the police tape to go down near the water) and went with an out and back 4 miler with a brief stop to capture a quick photo to catalogue. The 2 miles out I had a huge tail wind, so much that mile 2 was a blistering 5:50, I was flying. Mile 3/4 brought me the head wind, a few times with the gusts I thought I was running in place. Then when I was done strangely the rain and wind stopped, seriously, it was an eerie quiet calm. I took that moment to stretch and enjoy it since I knew after that point I'd be stuck in my house again.
The rest of my week just kinda went by. Tuesday I went on a walk/jog to survey the damage, upper manhattan was spared, from the look of news and photos lower manhattan was not. Wednesday parks were still closed which meant tracks were closed, though I stumbled upon Riverbank track open when I went for my run later in the evening. I stopped mid run went into the track did some drills in the infield then did a couple r150's then went back to my run. I was having track withdrawls since I hadn't done a track workout in almost a week. Thursday Columbia was back in the game so I went up there to do a workout by myself with the mid distance folks in the background. Then my schedule kinda went awry. I picked up a few extra shifts at my restaurant, since no one could really train due to transportation being uber limited. Of course the more hours I work there the harder it is to get my own workouts in, standing 6-8 hours holds unconducive to training. Going before leaves me in pain during, going after it's either too late or my body is completely shot. It's my best excuse and I fell trap to it. Sadly it left my board missing a link. One run shy, one lift shy. I will give myself credit for procuring a 6 mile run in my mix bag week. On to a new week of goals

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