Tuesday, January 1, 2013

365 Project

I don't usually do New Year's resolutions, I rather not hold myself to something for the entire year then feel all sorts of guilty when I can't hold up my end of the bargain  Let's be real how many of us really can and actually do, seriously I can't think of anyone I know that has done such. In my running world at the beginning of every season I do do "resolutions" and set goals for myself, because then why would I put myself through the nitty gritty of training uber hard. These typically are only for 3-4 months and much more easily obtained. Do I fall off every now and again, sure but I can revert the next season and make an attempt again.
Well I decided that this year I would make some New Year's resolutions (actually only 2) that sort of had nothing to do with running (because I'm sure I'd like to think there is more to my life than running and track). One of my cheesy cliche resolutions is a 365 project that I've swiped from some of my photog friends. A photo a day with whatever camera I have on hand. I found myself on this train mostly because it occurred to me that I only brought my big girl SLR out from it's dwelling once last year and I honestly didn't take nearly as many pictures as I had in the past with even my little guy camera. Now you ask why in the world am I making a blog post about this?? You 2 or maybe 5 readers don't care and isn't this blog supposed to be about running. Weeeellllll the answers are simply I need to stop slacking on my blog so I figure why not incorporate this in (maybe it'll keep me on point, though I'm sure it probably won't) and like my title description says it's sometimes about that thing I call life mixed in. Also I'm sure 80% of my photos will have something to do with, yep shocker, running. My attempt on here will be a weekly compilation of the daily photos. Let's do this thang. Also please feel free to call me out if and when I do slack.

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