Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Lovers Quadrangle...Resolution #2

Fine it's not really a quadrangle than it's really a triangle but it just sounded cooler to say quadrangle. At first it was just a simple straight line. 20 years ago I fell hard in love with running, it was my 1st love. For a good 6 years it was just us. We had some amazing times and we had some spats but it was just the 2 of us, we were a dynamic duo, head over heels for each other. Then along came a boy and typical teenage ways, then all of the sudden there was a triangle. What's a girl to do? I tried to hold on to both loves, but then said boy wanted more time and I wanted to give boy more time. Again what's a girl to do. Work wasn't an option, school clearly wasn't an option, ok well maybe I could just let up a little with running, but just a little bit. Slowly that little bit turned into a little bit more, then a lot bit more and then there was only a straight line between me and boy. No more triangle. I broke running's heart, then not too far down the line boy broke my heart. Then it was just me. I eventually ran back into the arms of running.

This cycle cycled through another time when I started college, not quite the same way but quite similarly. This time after though I left running for 6 years. We had a couple rendezvous in that time but they weren't ever for long stretches of time, someone or something always came along and got in the way of our trysts. Then after having my heart broken by another yet another boy, I flew hard back in to the arms of my 1st love. I knew it could console me like no other. A few months later after a trial run and a bit of research, I made a commitment to love, honor and cherish until death do us part. I knew that no other could give me what running gives me or makes me feel the way it makes me feel, so I took the plunge. I vowed that I would never let it go for someone or something else. We'd always be a line together just us or yep a triangle with another. 

I've upheld my vows pretty well the past 6 or so years, so much so that I've not let any boys come around or I've let many boys go or they've left because they just don't get it or understand our love and really don't want to be a part of this crazy triangle. I did once cheat on running with a boy I really thought I liked but then it made sure that I felt it's wrath for that, then I threw some spikes at it, then that boy turned out to be dud. 
But now since I'm not getting any younger I need to find a way to make this perfect isosceles triangle or at least something close work. This is New Year's resolution #2. Date, run and find balance between the three of us.

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