Sunday, October 30, 2011

Weather or not

Come rain, shine, sleet, snow, wind. hot or cold, you better believe I will still train. This might be area that most people peg me in the "crazy" zone. Though I guess they might be right, whereas most of the population tends to seek weather as their number 2 reason (time being #1) for skipping out on workouts, I on the other hand embrace it with open arms. The wackier the weather the more I want to stick my head in it and push to be in the thick of it. There's something so satisfying when I finish a workout in adverse conditions. Sometimes it's knowing that  most everyone else is avoiding it, that I take pleasure in knowing that I conquered it. Sometimes it's the blissful state it puts me in, because it's serene and quite during those times. And sometimes it's just the fact that I can't afford to miss out on a training session just because the conditions aren't favorable.  Though I thrive on adversity, don't get me wrong I do love when the weather is optimum, because I get to see what my body can really do.
My training this week was a tough one. I'm continuing to push my boundaries (in a good way). Monday I got to catch up with a friend who I was oddly thinking about a few days before but had lost her contact info. A used to be track runner turned road warrior we would occasionally meet up for longish runs when I moved to NY. She's a perfect balance to my gruff intensity, she slows me down to good pace. I needed to get in a 30min run and she was looking for someone to trot through Central Park with, perfect.
Tuesday we churned out 3 600's, I surprised myself with the 1st one hitting my target time, fell off on the 2nd, but was able to somewhat recover myself on the 3rd. Thursday was just as hard but in a different ballgame. The temperature had dropped to the 40's and it was pouring rain. While the short sprinters hung under the dry safety of the eves for some suicides, my training partner, a distance teammate, and myself endured the freezing cold rain (that I'm pretty sure was hail at some point) for rounds of 150's.
You can't see it but the rain was steadily coming down

 Saturday I was supposed to meet up with an old GBTC teammate for a workout, was planning on plyos but what started as rain caused for a change of plan as well as my unmindfulness to actually set a time to meet. I woke up to the sloshing of rain streaming down, no jumps today, so longish it run it will be. After sending a few text messages and not hearing back (no big deal, since I hadn't specified when I wanted to run) I decided I had to just get out there and do it before it gets too late and I skipout. I gear up for a wet run, then about at my halfway turn around spot low and behold I start to see white. Thankfully not the white where I'm about to pass out, but large honking white mounds. It's October and yes it's snowing. I was the only mad woman out there splashing away and slowly becoming a snowman. Alas it needed to be done and I got it done. Somehow though my frosted brain I was able to think ahead for Sunday's workout and plan a time to meet up with the visiting partner in crime. Since the ground was still covered in snow my plyo workout was thwarted yet again, jumping on snow covered grass is a little risky and an injury waiting to happen (I'm insane but not reckless). I opted to take my friend through Central Park, we had a good catch up, which meant that we clearly were not running near as fast as we probably should have. Eh either way we still managed to run at a semi decent pace for 4.5 miles so I can't complain and I did 4.5 miles(though as a distance-esque runner it may not have been optimum for her).
Another week on the books and I'm feeling like a kid waiting for Christmas, except my Christmas is track season (which coincidentally starts about the same time).

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