Sunday, November 6, 2011

Step away from the challenge

Just when I thought that this week was going to be that fly by not so out of the ordinary, nothing exciting weeks where practices were good, weather was normal, everything fit into place, I somehow found myself in a hole on Friday.
Let's start at the beginning, back to 1981. I was born with competitive genes that also intertwine more or less with the perfectionist genes. Back as far as I can remember I have always tried to excel to be the best, whether it was academic or physical. And if I wasn't the best, then I wanted to be my best. I'm always up for a challenge. Though that does tend to makes it harder to back away from a challenge too. Countless times I have been provoked to an array of duels. I can't tell you how many times I've found myself racing down the middle of a street, picking my brain for the bone crushing word in a scrabble match, elbow digging in to a table while trying to pin down another's hand, or even getting lost on a run because I was "chasing" someone down, the stories are endless. The funniest part of most of my challenges is I'm often rarely challenged by my own gender, it's almost always by the opposite sex. I don't categorize myself as a feminist or girl power activist at all but I do often find myself humming the tune "Anything you can do I can do better" which does tend to fuel the fire a little bit.
Tried and true my newest confrontation again comes from the male counterpart. It started from another trainer's client at the gym. This guy comes in a couple days a week and he's always there when I'm there. Where it begins is his complaining. He walks into the trainer's area and starts the hour off moaning and groaning and continues on for the entirety of the hour. I having a sarcastic mouth and have no qualms giving him flack every time for it. Though partly joking, I am partly serious. I mean you pay someone to kick your butt, stop rambling on and just do it. Finally after one of his sessions he smartly replies to me if you think it's so easy and you won't complain than you do one of my workouts with me at the same weight. Not a problem dude, though my only requests to the challenge was it had to be a lower body workout because I do know there was no way I could lift my scrawny upper body at his weight, and that it had to be after my weekly track workout because my practice comes first. Even though I put parameters up I still knew I may be kicking myself after and probably should have just left well enough alone. But being the proud competitive feisty gal I am, I couldn't back down. I was able to lift the weight given to me, just the reps and sets got me. I also might awesomely add I held my plank the longest, a stellar 3 mins. I will say I was feeling the workout within a few hours and that's when I realized that my competitive nature may have slightly bit me in my behind. Did I learn from my mindless act...maybe..walking around rubbing your backside and legs does look a bit weird to the passerby.

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