Monday, January 23, 2012

To all the non believers

For most of my athletic life I've come across so many people that have little faith or underestimate my abilities. I won't lie, there were times that I let others non belief in me hinder my potential. But on the counterpoint there were many times that it has fueled me to push myself even harder. I try not to let either be the driving point of my ambitious ways, because it's not healthy, mentally or physically.  Doing something because you want to prove someone wrong is not a way to peak performance, as letting someone else's lack of expectations is not a reason to take a blow to your own confidence. Of course it's finding the equilibrium of the two extremes.
Right now I'm fighting an opposition from someone that should be supporting me. I know that I'm physically in the greatest shape that I've ever been in my running career and clearly I've proven myself but yet that opposing force is still there. Thankfully as I learn more about myself and limits this season, I am able to find my calm and that inevitable middle ground (having 2 encouraging coaches and great teammates make it a whole lot easier). I will not let this person get the best of me and I'll be sure to continue to thank those people that make it all happen. I will drive myself to be my best.

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