Saturday, January 14, 2012

Breaking barriers

After the past couple weeks being all about getting my new apartment, piecing it together and putting all my energy into only that, I wasn't quite sure how much of my training had plummeted from it. Practice had been ho-hum, and the relay leg I ran on the 6th was dismal.
Finally a week and a half later my apartment was livable, and my spirits began to lift, I decided I could put myself to the test and race an open race. One the table, another 800. I made sure I was seeded in a fast enough heat that I couldn't sit I had to push. I was confident but still a little weary from my sporadic training. There was no turning back I had to do it. I stuck with my same game plan as the 1st 800, my splits at 33-34-35-35 and not lead the majority of the race. Stepped on the track, runners take your mark, bang, I was off. Tucked my self on the lead girl's right shoulder and surprisingly held myself there. I was stepped on after the first 100 then again at the 250, which tends to happen due to the nature of my stride but rather than it deferring me it only fuels me to pick up my pace and get out of it. Went through perfectly again for the 200, and 400. Then something happened that has never happened racing an 800, I didn't loose my cadence in the 3rd lap, I came through in a 36. When I saw the clock at the 600 at 1:43 I knew as long as I didn't fall completely down a hole I was good. I pressed through, didn't kick like I had wanted but when I looked up to see my final time my fist pumped up and a super wide grin came upon my face. After years of chasing a sub 2:20 half mile, I had finally broke that barrier! Not only was it another PR it also was my goal #1 for the distance for the season. The best part that makes me giddiest of it all is, it's just the beginning and I have so much to look forward to the rest of this indoor season and most definitely the outdoor season.
It's only been since 08 I've been trying to get to this point (not that I've been counting )

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