Wednesday, February 8, 2012

And here we go again

Yet again I find myself in a challenge, actually a bet with a boy. My sassy mouth got the best of me this time. I'm not a gambler by nature, if I do getting into any betting wars it's usually with some crazy act, I work too hard for my money to just throw it to caution.
This bet was with a fellow teammate whom I already have a standing bet for a race (another post on that at a later date). This was running related but was sports related...the Super Bowl. Back story we've actually been bantering back and forth with football since Jan 1, he's a Giants fan, I'm a Cowboys fan. That crucial game that sent the Giants to the playoffs and the Cowboys home left me a bit bitter, so naturally I was against them for the entirety of the post season. Then comes the Super Bowl, which just so happens to feature my secondary team the Patriots (I'm from New England so it is only natural to default to them). I had no doubt in my mind that the Pats weren't going to let a repeat of the prior SB game to happen again. Halftime Pats are up and I get a text message 'We need an outrageous bet I just decided'. Sassy Miss here says ok what are the terms. It's halftime I should have known better than to make a bet in the middle of a game and on my secondary team at that. Terms the next practice Pats win he wears a tutu for his workout, Giants win I wear a jock strap over my shorts for my workout. Of course we all know the turnout of that game....Doh! Yep I was burnt. Let me tell you that might have been the most uncomfortable thing I have EVER worn and I'm a woman we wear uncomfortable things all the time. At first I was completely mortified then I just made the best of it, I made my bed so if I'm going to lie in it may as well make it fun. Here's the hilarity at the track:

Laugh away, I certainly am

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