Monday, April 1, 2013

365: Week 13

3/25/13:  Impending spring snow won't stop buds from prevailing through
3/26/13:  Equality track style (I don't usually do edits like this but this pic for the day needed/deserved it)
3/27/13: Not a pack rat (you can't be living in NYC) but there are some things I just can't seem to get rid of...
3/28/13:  My good day and good mail (bottom right-seriously I LOVE handwritten notes with purchases and in general) had to go be ruined by the top piece of mail. Blah
3/29/13: 1st meet on Monday, goals need to be made. Yeah those 1st 2 columns are happening...I mean they were empty and I have no plans on racing anything over 800, so why not (yep I'm declaring that now so if you see me at a meet racing over that distance trip & push me off the seriously, but just don't injure me)
3/30/13: Easter egg dying/decorating and hiding them for tomorrow's hunt for breakfast... done and done, because I'm just cool like that
3/31/13:  For lunch I'll have some sugar washed down with sugar... Nutella milkshake with double chocolate walnut sufficed for my fav bakery washout and Easter bunny fail





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