Monday, April 8, 2013

365: Week 14

4/1/13: I said YES! Ok so I couldn't resist an April Fool's joke (also this beauty of a ring is the workings of Erica Sara, check her stuff out for some great personal engraved jewelry esp running pieces)
4/2/13: SO many amazingly great things happened today but there was just something about this train station that called for POTD..the bizarre name and two random abandoned platforms on either side of the working platforms...quite intriguing
4/3/13: Step away from the Easter sale candy...that by the way is the 2nd bag of M&M's and there were 4 rows of peeps...I may or may not need an intervention
4/4/13: Opening Sox and Yankees at Yankee Stadium. You can take the girl outta Boston but you can't take the Bahston outta the girl
4/5/13: After almost week of pining over it I finally got one of my fav cupcakes from my fav bakery and it was pretty EPIC and a perfect way to end a fantabulous week
4/6/13: This might be the most random obscure reference I will make, but tell me that manhole cover does not scream Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (This is on the side of the hill I do my hill repeats on, so I see it every Sat & finally snapped a pic)
4/7/13: Shoe obsession, who me, I don't know what ever you might be referring to... I don't know about you but I just like to get prints of things I don't like to hang in my place






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