Tuesday, April 16, 2013

365: Week 15

4/8/13: Oh hello lover, all 400m of you, it's been a while did you miss me
4/9/13: This day was all about me, so self photo made sense. Basking in this gorg day (sunblocked up of course)
4/10/13: Spring has sprung
4/11/13: I am lion hear me ROAR! (and naturally this makes sense since I am a Leo and lions are pretty badass creatures, as are leos)
4/12/13: Laugh, it's the thing that gets me through the rough times and makes the incredible times even more enjoyable. It's also the single most important quality I look for in people to stay in my life. The ability to laugh & make one laugh is priceless.
4/13/13: Running 2 back to back PRs at a meet means one must commemorate the photo of the day with a pic of the track meet, obviously.
4/14/13: Cheering on the More Fitness 1/2 Marathon with some awesomesauce peeps ...oh look there's the ever amazing Deena Kastor (and if you don't know who she is, google her) speeding by, yea that happened







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