Sunday, April 27, 2008

The bit of something called life

I'm still trying to figure out where the month of April's gone. It's been quite a whirl wind, so much has happened in such a short span of time I'm wondering if it's all been real. My month started off with a trip to Virginia to go to a baby shower for a close friend of mine. I came home and my work schedule has changed-a good change more hours. I also started to increase my mileage ten-fold once my body healed up. Add another baby shower, some planning for a bridal shower designing the invitations, extra childcare duty, my official 1st meet of the season in a debut race and one meet in Providence. Ah yes and lets not forget the ever lasting search (since Feb) for a roommate in the mix. Wow my head is spinning just typing this and I'm sure that there's more I'm forgetting to mention. The good news is I'm not too run down from this schedule, my mileage is where is should be, my cash flow is looking nice, and most importantly I found a good roommate. PHEW! Crazy part about this is it's not looking like I'm slowing down too much soon, if anything my schedule's becoming fuller. But I must admit I love it!
Now back to the ever so popular running thing I do. I forwent Penn Relays this year which was a bummer but I think a wise decision for a couple reasons. I did end up going to Brown earlier today for another stab at the steeple. I PRed by 40 sec which was awesome. I was hoping to cut under 12min but I'll take what I get. I realized that it's not a race that I will train wholly for (3000m is just too long) so I will start to transition back to my 800m with a possibility of playing with the 400m intermediate hurdles. I sure do enjoy hurdling over things. All's well that ends well --for now at least.
Here's a link to the looooonnnggg video (12 min) of mine and my teammate's steeple chase at Brown taped by another teammate

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