Saturday, April 12, 2008

Getting my feet wet

Yay I made my debut in the steeple chase today. Had to start my outdoor season with a bang since I wasn't able to race in the first meet, been on the DL for a couple of weeks and needed to redeem my indoor season. What better way than to start with a race I've never raced before along with a distance I've never raced before. To add boot I hadn't practiced hurdles in quite some years so I only had 2 practices before hand, as well as I'd been taking it very easy for the past couple of weeks for being broken. Adding all of those factors together I did pretty okay. I mean I didn't have a outlandishly amazing debut time like my teammate who ran with me, but I finished well for my prevailing circumstances. I learned a bit more about the race, ran pain-free, and had fun. And really that's all that counts. I've left myself plenty of room for improvement as the season continues and I begin to get back on the track.

Congrats Ms V for your victorious debut race today!! Can't wait to take on Brown...I'll be in better shape to keep up with you so we can dominate! Go GBTC SC!

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