Thursday, April 10, 2008

It's a mystery but it's history

I am happy to say that I am officially gluteally pain free. I had been taking it easy for the past couple of weeks, doing strictly mileage-no track intervals and stretching like a mad man. I still had remnants of the "injury" (I'm still unsure if it was really an injury) but it wasn't near as uncomfortable than when I first started feeling the pain. After a 2 week pause from training with the team, I finally had a Tuesday off (I had also been working during practice days) and went to practice. It happen to be a hill workout. I was a bit shaky on how the muscles were going to react but I decided to go for it and see how I fared. The first one was blah, the next felt okay, by the 3rd one I didn't feel a thing. Continuously through number 10, I didn't feel any pain whatsoever. I did worry a bit thinking it might have just been endorphins kicking in so I knew I'd have to wait and see. Wed morning I woke up-nothing. All the rest of the day-nada. This morning and afternoon-zilch. NO PAIN!! It wasn't the endorphins. Don't ask me what it was because I haven't a clue. I don't know if my stride going up the hill stretched out the muscles and that's all that was needed in the first place or what it was. At this point it doesn't matter all that matters is I can go back to my normal training regimen.

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