Sunday, November 27, 2011

Goals a Plenty

My week was broken pretty short due to Thanksgiving on Thursday taking away a day of practice. Nothing too exciting or noteworthy other than moving days around and somewhat leaving myself exhausted. My annual Turkey trot has become null since I can't seem to find a local 5K race to save my life, everything I seem to find are 5 milers. I'll pass on that distance.
With a rather meh week I decided to ink my goals for the upcoming indoor season. I've never actually physically penned goals, I've had target goal times I've wanted to hit, or more so a sub number I've wanted to hit, but they've stayed in my head. I've also never really shared them with anyone. So when my coach asked me to start thinking about my goals and PRs and when I'd like to hit them, I knew those sub whatever numbers I was itching to hit and pinned them to my head. Then curiously I came across a former teammates blog and pedaled back a few posts and came across a mine field. It was about her goals and how she broke them down. BAM! It was PERFECT! 3 goals per race, it made sense for me. I wasn't just looking at 1 single number I was looking at a progressive aim. For my mental realm it fit. I took the 4 races that I'd likely run in this season and thought about what I really wanted to achieve, pulled out some index cards and went to town. Of course it took about a zillion tries and cards before my prototype was to my perfection standards, but alas I was able to produce exactly what I needed and wanted. I made card after card, sticking them in places I'd always see them, then I typed up an outline of each goal and emailed it to my coach. It was one of those aha moments.
The final product
 As I make these changes in my training regimen and old habits, I'm learning more about myself and gaining perspective on how much I can push my limits. I'm feeling less stuck and things seem to be moving forward. I'm ready to bring myself to a new level, which leaves me grinning on the inside & outside.

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