Sunday, November 13, 2011

Into the dark side

Daylight savings has left my week pretty dark. I'm all for gaining an extra hour but man does it have to get so dark so early. It puts a real damper on my running schedule since I'm typically a night runner.  Tuesday's practice left us running a lofty amount of 600's in almost pitch black. About 300 meters into the 2nd 6 the stadium lights when out.  Never a fun thing especially when you're trying to keep to a certain pace and you use your watch to gauge being on the right track. It's also not easy to see the lines on track, thankfully we didn't have to use lanes and stayed on the inside, but it's also difficult to see where you stop. Alas we were able to pummel through them all to my surprise (a little because of the dark and a little for the questioning of the ability to get through the intensity of the workout...yes there's been a lot of surprising myself with workouts).
Wednesday night while I was at the gym getting ready to do weights, dreading what machine I'd torture myself on for the warmup, one of my coworkers somehow talked me into venturing uptown to Central Park to do a run on the Bridle Path. It was only 5pm and it was already pretty dark out. My coworker had an answer though...a headlamp. On Monday he showed me this score from Home Depot, jokingly I said I should probably get one, Tues proved my joke right, and Wed I got to see just how this puppy really worked. I of course had to wear the contraption and pretty sure I was getting some strange looks from passerbys. Hey at least I know that I can see that hole or root popping up from the ground before it's too late. It may have seriously convinced me to buy one even though I rarely do night runs by myself on a dark path, but you never know when it could come in handy and hey for 6 bucks, why not.
Temp photo til I actually take 1 for myself
Thursday the stadium fixed the timers on the lights so no blackout, though I'm pretty sure that's up for debate because I might have blacked out during my workout. I never thought I'd dread 200 repeats ever, this may have seized that dread. I got through it seemingly unscathed except rep # 8 when I thought I might have to drop out or take extra rest. The rest of the week I managed to stay out of the dark with my workouts being done during the day. Next week we head to the indoors to the Armory...a whole 'nother beast.

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