Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Trouble Brewing

I came across this article Track and Field gone nuts (ok that's not the name of the article but it's my biased opinion on what it should be called) and I must share with fellow club memebers and any runners for that matter. As a club runner this disgusts me and unfortunately the battle is far from over. Please read and feel free to add your opinions in the comment section. Leave us poor club runners be, we work hard and don't get paid to do this, actually we pay to do what we love. USATF as a governing body you don't provide us with the resources necessary to thrive, so us going to people that are willing to provide funds for us only to ask for a logo to represent that funding and you denying that logo is RIDICULOUS!!! There really needs to be a overhaul here, hopefully as a whole the Track and Field nation will be able to fight and do what's fair and just.

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