Monday, February 11, 2013

365: Week 6

2/4/13: Don't we all wish that life's occurrences came with one of these, and as easy as well
2/5/13: Dusting of snow on the river
2/6/13: Sunshine rising it's way up
2/7/13: Doh! No photo of the day
2/8/13: Someone shook up the snow globe
2/8/13 (2) : (Since I failed a 2/7 potd, a double day photo) Melted snow drops on my bag
2/9/13: Ruminating over life's sense of humor and nature's beauty (for the record trying to take a self pic with an SLR without a tripod and/or remote with your right hand is incredibly awkward and hard)
2/10/13: Gave my little man legs, he went for a run and overheated


2/8 (2)



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