Tuesday, February 19, 2013

365: Week 7

2/11/13:  I honestly felt so uninspired today I didn't think I'd capture anything today...that was until I decided to walk the 3+ miles home instead of run or train it from my client this evening, and somehow the massive fog outside cleared the crazy fog in my head and was able to take this gem
2/12/13:  The wheels on the bus go round and round...the impromptu run away with 8 hours of motion sickness and nausea was worth every bit of being able to see a surprised face, hug and catch up with a couple of best friends
2/13/13: My crazy fur buddy giving me love after our run 
2/14/13: This is what happens when twins go to the mall and the evil twin talks the good twin out of getting her tattoo for shoes & other booty
2/15/13 (1):  Serene and beautiful walk around Belle Isle with Twin & B
2/15/13 (2): Obligatory Tobacco Co visit with candle lit Alison
2/16/13: For someone who is ALWAYS cold, it kinda amazes me of my hatred for socks or shoes that cover my feet in the winter
2/17/13: One of my fav amazeballs purchases this week...I mean, I couldn't not buy it with that name...guilty marketing name/package sucker (unless it has some celebrity attached to it then not so much)



2/15 (1)
2/15 (2)



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