Thursday, February 21, 2013

Timing is everything

Webster's definition of timing: 1 a : placement or occurrence in time timing
 of the sale couldn't have been better>
 b : the ability to select the precise moment for doing something for optimum effect timing>
2: observation and recording (as by a stopwatch) of the elapsed time of an act, action, or process

Pretty much 99.91% life like most revolves around time and timing (I'm sure there's got to be .09% that doesn't, probably not but I like to give the benefit of the doubt).
Track/running that's 100% all time: the time it takes to train, the stopwatch timing your intervals, the time it takes to do each interval, the time it takes to rest, the amount of time you sleep, the time when you eat or drink before and after a practice/race, and the time you clock in a race. Everything in that realm is almost precise.  A tenth of sec can make or break a race, determine a winner, or PR. In training there is a small window for every workout interval you need to hit. And when it comes to rest in in between intervals, there is a huge difference between 2 min rest and 5 min rest. Timing at it's finest.

Then there's the time in my work lives. As a personal trainer my clients pay by the time they spend with me. I have to develop programs around a time frame for their goals. I have to time my time going to and from clients so as not to be late. In my restaurant world I have to make sure my timing is right on so my guests aren't waiting too long for something, and food and drinks come out at the right time. Timing can make or break someone's experience. 

And lastly there's timing in my personal life. That might be the most frustrating and most fulfilling/best. I could go on for days on timing in this realm. Most recently my timing commodity last week I was caught in both ends of the spectrum. It started with the end of a "relationship" with a guy I had been seeing/hanging out with. Unfortunately the timing of our tryst was off for him, possibly mine too (but this was only brought to light after). Timing is everything. Then to displace my disappointment in that end and the light it brought to other untimely demises also going on in my life (you know when it rains it pours), I last minute decided to run away to Virginia for a cheer up session with some of my closest friends. Since most of my friends have normal day jobs they usually don't have days free during the week. I knew this but took that chance anyway, when you feel like your life just drowned you it doesn't matter. It just so happened that one of my best friends (who has been deemed my twin since we have this unparalleled connection where pretty much of all of what we do & say is in crazy sync from the 1st day we met to even 300+ miles away now) took that particular week off. I didn't know this, she actually took it off months ago so her and her husband could do something but those plans fell through for them, leaving her off for the week. She even debating going in to pick up hours and decided not to just before I announced to her that I was coming down. Perfect timing (and probably our weird in-sync twin thing). It was also perfect timing too since another best friend had been rolling through a super tough time and could have used a visit. 

Time, time, oh time, ugh time, it doesn't stand still, some days there's not enough of it, sometimes it vanishes into thin air, precision can be everything, it can be perfect, it can be on your side, it can be untimely and it can be disappointing. But it will always be there (it's the one thing I can't run away from).

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