Monday, February 4, 2013

Decision made

After a few days of consideration and weighing all of my options (and still not really coming to a complete ground breaking verdict) I've decided to take my chance and stay in NY to compete. I think financially it's my soundest conclusion. As well safest bet physicality wise.

My major conclusion of this came after the realization that my plan for indoor track was to basically train through the season and use that base to kick my outdoor season in full gear. My goal is to peak only once and I want that to be outdoors. In years past I have peaked for phenomenal indoor seasons and tried again to peak months later in outdoor. Unfortunately my body used the 1st peak as my hard peak and my next season peak as the soft peak leaving me often a bit disappointed and craving more.

The logistics (which I only just learned in my USATF level 1 coaching classes this past fall) are the body really can only handle 1 solid hard peak, the one before or after will not be as good. And that's the cold hard truth, no matter what your age. You can certainly train all year long but you'll only hit your very best once. So for any of you out there who may not have known this, use this info to your advantage and choose wisely when you want your ultimate top to be.

And with that I'm sticking to my original plan to go ahead and train through indoor, not fretting over this upcoming race. Decision made, New York it is.


runningwithkids said...

Congrats on what sounds like a balanced decision. And good luck on reaching your goals in outdoor track. Can you share what would have been your alternatives, was there a special indoor track meet that you were considering outside of NY? Thx.

runningwithkids said...

Duh. I did not read the post below this one where you explained your choices. Sorry about that. You answered my question. Good luck!

Deanna said...

No worries. Thanks!